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National PPP Capacity Building Programme

The National PPP Capacity Building Programme was launched by the Union Finance Minister (FM) at the India PPP Conclave held in December 2010. The programme found special mention in the FM's Budget speech in February 2011. The programme expects to train 10,000 senior and middle-level government officials over the next 3 years. This is expected to result in improved capacities among government officials in preparing and managing PPP projects across various infrastructure sectors in these States.

This training material has been organized into five distinct course offerings. Also, it is structured in an easy-to-use modular format, with extensive guidance along with explanatory notes and tips, cross-referencing and additional reading material. Accordingly, besides serving its primary purpose as a pedagogical tool for trainers in a class room context, the material can also be used by the trainees for subsequent revisions and reference.



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Highways | Railways | Ports | Airports | Telecom | Power
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Central Sector PPPs
Central Sector PPPs
PPP Developments projects, initiatives in the central Govt.
NHAI Contracts with BOT Funding
Toll Based Projects..Read more
PPP Nodal Officers at the Centre
PPP Nodal Officers at the Centre
PPP Officers at Central Government
Agriculture & Cooperation | Chemicals & Fertilizers | Civil Aviation...
State Profiles
State Profiles
An overview of the economic & industrial strengths of states.
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PPP Initiatives in States
PPP Initiatives in States
PPP Developments, projects, initiatives in various states.
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PPP Nodal Officers in State
PPP Nodal Officers in State
List of PPP cells at the state level.
Andhra Pradesh | Assam | Bihar | Chandigarh | Chhattisgarh...
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